Umbwe Route

Umbwe Route


“Peak physical fitness, a strong mountain climbing forte, and vast reserves of mental fortitude”, if your resume lacks in any one of the departments, you should opt for hiking on the glamorous routes that the hoi polloi of the trekking world treads on. This one is for the elites of mountain climbing that thrive on adventure and adrenaline.

Approaching the summit from the south, Umbwe is the shortest, steepest and most direct route to Uhuru. The route has some stunning vistas to reward the intrepid trekker who chance their luck; though the quick ascent means you will have very little time acclimatize and that’s never a fills you with much optimism.

The trail takes off sharply on a forested track which winds up the dense rainforest and follows through on a narrow and steep climb on a ridge between two rivers surrounded by huge trees.

Umbwe Route

Continuing on the trail you pass through the sparse and moss-covered vegetation of the heather moorlands. The trail flattens and gets better as you close in on the Barranco Valley. A descent into the Barranco camp through the Senecio forests is just the breathing space you need before the scramble up the Barranco wall begins. From there the trail turns east and traverses underneath Kilimanjaro’s Southern Ice Field on a path known as the Southern Circuit before summiting from Barafu.

Next up is the most intense part of the trek which is a tricky negotiation of ice a scree to reach the Stella Point. A quick rest and a view of the energizing sunrise over Mawenzi and you are good for that final gasp at the summit at Uhuru Peak.

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