Safari Faq's

Safari Faq's

Q. Is Uganda a safe country for visitors?

Uganda is a safe country to visit. In spite of the fact that Uganda has survived a violent history, the country is protected, steady and inviting. Ugandans' cordial nature is amazing! You will be heartily invited any place you pass by the country's benevolent occupants.

Q. Are immunizations required for my Uganda safari?

Various different inoculations are suggested or potentially required before entering Uganda. A certificate demonstrating you have had the Yellow Fever inoculation is compulsory for passage into Uganda. Immunizations against DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio) and Hepatitis An are suggested too. Other than bringing mosquito repellent, we additionally encourage you to take malaria 'prophylactics' (anticipation medicine).

Q. Are travelers cheques acknowledged in Uganda?

Travelers cheques are not acknowledged in Uganda.

Q. Is MasterCard acknowledged in Uganda?

Not many places in Uganda acknowledge MasterCard. Notwithstanding money, we recommend you bring a Visa platinum card.

Q. Would I be able to utilize my ATM card or credit card in Uganda?

Just a couple of banks acknowledge ATM cards or Visa Visas for cash withdrawal in Uganda. While you can pull back a restricted measure of money every day from ATM machines in Kampala, there are not many chances to pull back money once you are on safari in Uganda. Payment with Mastercard in Uganda can draw in extra charges of between 5–10%, every so often more. Do check with lodges and cafés ahead of time, if you intend to pay with credit card.

Q. How is the Safari accommodation?

Uganda Safari accommodation falls into three classes: budget, mid-range or luxury. Budget accommodation might be straightforward and fundamental rooms, bandas or tents, with twofold/twin beds and mosquito nets when vital. Private restrooms are not constantly accessible and you may need to share washroom offices. 3-star, 4-star and 5-star accommodation offer agreeable rooms or luxury outfitted safari tents with a private restroom. Flush toilets and hot and cold running water are accessible. Mosquito nets will be given where vital.

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