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Tanzania can be best defined as a breath-taking landscape filled with mysterious wildlife and the most exciting and thrilling natural experiences that the world has to offer.

From the great wildebeest migration to the challenging terrain of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania’s wonders are certainly unmatchable. There are wide varieties of safari that one can experience.

Just go through our lists of safari experiences and choose your preferred ones to explore the beauty of Tanzania the most.  

Tanzania boasts a selection of exotic accommodation – from luxury tented camps to more traditional lodges and hotels – so you’re sure to find an option to suit your needs. Through Tanzania Luxury Safari the visitors are guaranteed the true wilderness with thrilling adventure and luxury.

Tanzania Lodge Safari lets you enjoy the wilderness of Tanzania in comfort and ease. Your days will be spent encountering the wild animals in the bush and nights will be in tented camps or lodges full of amenities.

Get the Goosebumps when the lion king passes your tents with a roar, greet good morning to the elephant family when you open the zip and listen to the songs of the colourful birds chirping above your head, this is what a Tanzania Camping Safari is.

Catch the movement of the vast number of wildebeests, zebras and other antelopes seeking fresh grazing land. Serengeti Wildebeest Migration is truly one of the greatest wonders of the wild safari world.

Get the terrific Tanzania Birding Safari experience amidst beasts.

Join us on the marvellous Canoeing Safari in Tanzania and get the views of wild animals up-close and personal.

Let your family get the ultimate adventure of wildlife safari packed with fun-filled activities for everyone in Tanzania Family Safari.

Tanzania Private Safari makes sure you have the best private guides and private safari lodges and camps, in the real wild open spaces, with no people and abundant wildlife. 

Catch the intense interaction between predator and prey on foot in Tanzania Walking Safari

Take a flight above the vast land of Serengeti and get the 360 degree view of the wilderness through Hot Air-Balloon Safari

Treat your partner a romantic memorable escape amidst nature and abundant wildlife with Tanzania Honeymoon Safari

Tanzania Wildlife Safari lets you explore the captivating borders full of wildlife and maximizes your opportunities for game viewing.   

Set out on a Tanzania Photography Safari and capture some of East Africa’s most spectacular landscapes and hope your skills while photographing an ever-changing tableau of wildlife. Click here for some photography tips

The choices are many. So it may be a daunting task to select one. So whether you want a classic wildlife safari, or a family holiday or a romantic getaway, let us know, we can design the perfect itinerary to make your holiday an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

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