Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving


The Zanzibar scuba experience offers a chance to make a dive the best corals in East Africa, that is valid!

Zanzibar gloats some the most impeccable and untainted coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. These vivacious coral settlements lie under clear waters. The coral reefs of Zanzibar are irrefutably the most plentiful on earth with in excess of 500 types of marine species. These viewpoints are particularly unmistakable off the Coast of Unguja Island, the rule island of Zanzibar, and Pemba Island, alluded to warmly as the Green Island. Parading calm waters and a wide variety of beautiful marine species, they make up extraordinary compared to other hop regions on the planet.

Zanzibar is a plunge zone where there is something for everyone, the swimmers, the full scale sweethearts and the significant jumpers. With in excess of 30 bounce regions that consolidate, reef, divider and wreck jumping, Zanzibar is something past a shoreline island to loosen up. Levan Bank off the northern tip of Zanzibar is one of the islands' most celebrated and essential dives, where strong streams make a protected house for real game fish, for instance, kingfish, trevally and fish.

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