Safari Faq's

Safari Faq's

Q. How is the climate in Rwanda?

You can travel to Rwanda whenever of the year and it is notable for its 'everlasting spring'. The temperature remains very steady consistently, with August through to September being the most sizzling occasions. Night times are very cool so we suggest you bring comfortable apparel for the evening. There are two rainy seasons that we prescribe maintaining a strategic distance from if you have the adaptability, March to May and October to December. Stormy seasons are normally a blend of overwhelming deluges and splendid daylight, so these seasons of the year can make gorilla following landscape a lot harder work. You should, however, anticipate downpour whenever of the year.

Q. Do I need any immunizations before I leave to Rwanda?

If it's not too much trouble look for expert medical exhortation and recheck near the date of travel as the circumstance may change. A yellow fever immunization is required for all travelers more than 1 year old. What is suggested for all is that you guarantee you are in the know regarding hepatitis An and B, typhoid and routine immunisations – specifically lockjaw diphtheria, measles-mumps-rubella, polio, and varicella.

Q. Do I have to take malaria tablets?

Malaria is pervasive in all through Rwanda so you should take the right now compelling prophylactic recommended. We suggest you bring some mosquito splash.

Q. Would it be advisable for me to bring travelers checks?

Money is all the more effectively traded in Rwanda, the same number of offices are hesitant to acknowledge installment by travelers check. Kindly don't sign your travelers checks ahead of time, as it is the training in Rwanda for providers to demand clients to append their second signature in their essence. Charge cards are not commonly acknowledged, with the exception of at the fundamental inns in Kigali, and we prescribe that you have enough money to finish any exchanges you may wish to complete. If it's not too much trouble note that of all Visas, Visa would be the one most broadly acknowledged.

Q. Which cash would it be advisable for me to bring?

The cash in Rwanda is the Rwandan franc. There are cash changing offices in Kigali, which we prescribe you to use, as it is progressively difficult to change cash while on safari. We prescribe that you convey money for comfort and security, and that you change about US$200-300 of this into Rwanda francs toward the beginning of your visit. We will in general exhort that if they are conveying US Dollar Cash with you, the notes ought to be no littler than $100 division to slip change into neighborhood money at a valuable rate, and should all have been issued no sooner than 2006 to stay away from dismissal.

Q. Would I be able to drink tap water in Rwanda?

In spite of the fact that tap water might be fine in many zones for washing and brushing teeth, we prescribe that you drink filtered water consistently.

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