Rongai Route

Rongai Route


A favourite among trekkers looking for being a less trafficked route the Rongai route is the classic trek off the beaten track. Approaching the mountain from the north the route gives you a different take off the mountain and the lack of scenery is mitigated by the descent from the southern Marangu side which offers a newer setting to soak in

The evenness and gentle character of the route mean lack of experience shouldn’t be a deterrent. The near absence of showers means you won’t have to wade through wet muddy conditions and deficiencies in your climbing technique wouldn’t be called out.

The 8-day trek sets off making its way through corn and cypress plantations before you know it you have made your way through the forest. Ascending further on the heather moorland you will leave the main trail for a smaller path towards the jagged peaks of Mawenzi, before finally arriving at Kikelewa Cave for the night. A steep hike later you will reach Mawenzi Tarn Huts and the night will be about rest and nursing the symptoms of altitude sickness.

Rongai Route

Ascending on through the lunar deserts of the ‘saddle” you will reach the Kibo Hut(4704m). Both Mawenzi and Kibo are renowned for the scintillating vistas they offer. Continuing on; the slow Kili shuffle will get you through loose scree towards Gilman’s point on the crater rim. This is all challenging as it gets and a trek through the snow from Gilman’s point all the way to the top of Uhuru peak will get you to the highest point in Africa

The descent is via Marangu route on the south side

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Additionally alluded to as the Nalemuru, Nalemoru, Loitokitok, or Simba

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Low traffic on the underlying a couple of days from the north until

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