Mountain Trek

Mountain Trek


Trekking in Africa is something very special and unique. The African continent is full of striking and demanding hikes, which are treats for the adventurous traveller.

Africa’s wonder takes you to the most amazing hikes of Africa along with spectacular wildlife encounters and peaceful beach holidays in Zanzibar.  

The hiking destinations we cover are

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Meru

Mount Oldoinyo Lengai

Let’s have a brief look at every hiking spots

Mount Kilimanjaro

If there’s one Africa hike to rule them all, it’s Africa’s highest peak, the ‘Roof of Africa’, the mighty Kilimanjaro, standing at an impressive 5,895m tall.

Hiking the highest peak of Kilimanjaro is not technical. Any fit person can summit the peak. You just need to practice some hiking in the steep paths for 6 to 7 hours for a day.

There are seven official routes such as Lemosho, Rongai, Machame, Umbwe, Shira, Marangu and Northern Circuit Route. All routes pass through wonderful vegetation zones from lush rainforest to moorland, grassland and then alpine desert and finally the snow-capped peak. But among all Machame is the most popular route offering scenic vistas. 

Along the way to the summit, visitors’ are treated to superb views of Mount Meru, Shira Ridge, Kibo Peak and its glacier.

The experience is unforgettable as you hike through the rolling savannah and to the snow-capped peak. Not only for this reason, but there are also many reasons for which Kilimanjaro is in the bucket-list of many travellers.

Mount Meru

Mount Meru is Tanzania’s second-highest peak standing at 4566metres high. Trekking Mount Meru is often considered a warm-up trek before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mount Meru offers a great alternative to Kilimanjaro, its large cousin.  It’s a rewarding 3-4days trek with beautiful views lush rain forests of fig trees, giving way to heather and rocky moors. Encounter buffaloes, baboons and giraffes are the commonly sighted as well as hundreds of species of birds along the trail.


MOUNT OLDOINYO LENGAI is a sacred mountain, which means the “Mountain Of God” in Maasai language. The officially certified active volcano of Tanzania sits at 2962 metres above sea level. The Maasai think the mountain as the home of their God Ngai. The mountain is a drawcard for visitors who love to capture the mystic aura of nature.

Mount Kenya

Standing at a height of 5199meters, Mount Kenya is the second tallest mountain of Africa. The scenery surrounding lakes, tarns, glaciers, dense forest, mineral springs and endangered species are breathtaking.

Mount Kenya and its environment is home to a variety of large animals, including elephant, buffalo, black rhinoceros, and leopard.

All our Africa hiking trips can be combined to create the ideal overall experience.

Let Tanganyika Safari help you to find the right trekking experience for you……..

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