Mount Oldoinyo Lengai

Mount Oldoinyo Lengai


Mount Ol Doinyo Lengai is alluded by the Maasai clan as the "Mountain of God". Rising splendidly from the Great Rift Valley floor to a stature of 2890m, OlDoinyoLengai is the main dynamic spring of gushing lava on planet that emanates carbonatite magma. This kind of magma is basic in light of the way in which that temperatures of these magmas are basically around 500°C, about a noteworthy bit of the temperature of standard basalt magmas, and its magma streams with a consistency almost as fluid as water. Portrayed by others as a likely beneficial, geochemical spot of reverence, Oldoinyolengai's is a gigantic physically mentioning climb. Its hazardous rise makes it a test to scale correspondingly as to move down and the day time heat is anguishing. The best time to climb the mountain is amidst the night when the temperatures are lower. This draws in the climber to watch the astounding first light at the summit and return before the hot day kicks in.

Mount Oldoinyo Lengai

Guide to Mount Meru

  • Mount OlDoinyoLengai is a volcano in the Eastern Rift Valley, North Tanzania.
  • Its name signifies 'Mountain of God' in the language of the Maasai tribe who live in the area.
  • OlDoinyoLengai is quite compelling to geologists since it is the world's just dynamic volcano that emits natrocarbonatite magma.
  • It is likewise the main dynamic volcano in this piece of the East African Rift Valley, however there are numerous more established extinct volcanoes in this area.
  • OlDoinyoLengai ascends around 2000 meters over the Rift Valley floor to a tallness of roughly 2886 meters.

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