Safari Faq's

Safari Faq's

Q. Is Kenya safe to visit on safari?

Like some other country, Kenya may have a couple of security concerns yet the Kenya government is making each conceivable move to guarantee your wellbeing during your visit to the beautiful and harmony cherishing country.

Q. Which months are classified as HIGH/PEAK SEASON for safari travel in Kenya?

Official HIGH/PEAK SEASON typically falls during the dry a very long time of July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February and March. Low season for the most part falls during the wet a very long time of April to June. If you have any questions about visiting during the long rains then don't as you will experience Kenya at its most beautiful time.

Q. Do you offer family friendly safaris?

Kenya is a family-accommodating country, with a lot of exercises for grown-ups and kids alike.

Q. What are the kinds of safari accommodation in Kenya?

Kenya's safari cabin and hotels facilities range from mid-range, world-class properties to local motels, tented camps, game-park lodges, shoreline resorts and camp grounds


Q. What Currency is utilized in Kenya?

The official money of Kenya is the Kenya Shilling (KES). Compassionately note that you can pull back Kenya shillings utilizing your VISA CARD from any of the bank ATM machines situated at the JKIA air terminal or any real city in Kenya. We exceptionally prescribe that you utilize the ATM machines at the airplane terminal upon entry. Kenya shillings can likewise be changed over back to US Dollars, English Pound or Euros at the various Currency Bureau Exchange at the airplane terminal or significant city in Kenya.

Q. What are the Road Conditions in Kenya?

Depending upon which part of Kenya we will make the most of our safari, road conditions can range from smooth to harsh and dusty. Dusty creased road surfaces are regular as we approach most stops and saves in Kenya and the general drive time on such streets can range from 90 minutes to 2 hours.

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