Katavi National Park

Katavi National Park


Covering an area of 4,471 sq km (1,727 sq miles), Katavi is Tanzania’s third-largest national park. The national park is a little Africa, full of most remote bush settings, spectacular views and a wonderful array of wild habitats. 

Highlights Of The Park

  • The dramatic landscapes of Katavi are home to a huge population of hippo, elephant, buffalo, the rare Rhinos, sable antelope species and many more.
  • Katavi’s wilderness gives a thrilling taste of Africa to the visitors, especially the interaction among the predators and prey.
  • Chada and Katasunga are two knee-high grasses that dominate the park that is covered by woodlands and a number of games.
  • The dry season (June to October) is the best time to see animals.
  • The Katuma River is the only water source for the animals. A huge concentration of animals gather around the river to drink water is one of the spectacular views the park offers the visitors.
  • Large crocodiles and hippos can be seen enjoying the mud pool.

The Wildlife

An estimated 4,000 elephants together with several herds of 1,000-plus buffalo, while an abundance of giraffes, zebras, impalas and reedbucks can be seen strolling on the trails of the park

Lion prides and spotted hyena clans can be seen watching their territories.

Lion, buffalo interaction is great to watch in the park.

Hippo is the sole spectacle of the park. Nearly hundreds of hippos gather in one place and jump into the riverine pool towards the end of the dry season.

Wild dogs are rarely seen.

The Birdlife

Over 400 species have been recorded in the strikingly beautiful settings of Katavi National Park. The most popular checklist includes herons, plovers, spoonbills, African openbills, yellow-billed and saddle-billed stork, Raptors, fish eagle, bateleur and white-backed vulture and many more.

November to April offers the best encounter of the migratory birds.

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