Safari Faq's

Safari Faq's

Q. Do I need a visa to travel to Ethiopia?

Most nationalities require a visa for section to Ethiopia. If you don't mind see this site to locate your nearest government office or office: safe havens of/ethiopia If you are flying into Addis Ababa you can acquire a visa on entry. You'll require two photographs and around US$50. You might be requested verification of an arrival ticket. If you are entering at any outskirt other than Addis Ababa air terminal you MUST get your visa ahead of time.

Q. Is it safe to travel in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is commonly a protected country, and Addis Ababa a sheltered city. However, one should in any case play it safe, maintaining a strategic distance from new territories around evening time and not conveying enormous aggregates of cash in open pockets. It is advisable to be careful with pick-stashing in specific zones, talented at identifying fresh debuts. Rough burglary and robbing are uncommon and for the most part guests can visit the city day and night securely. Indeed, wellbeing is one of the fundamental elements adding to the one of a kind climate in Ethiopia.

Q. Is tipping standard in Ethiopia?

Tipping isn't compulsory in Ethiopia however is viewed as amenable in cafés and bars. It's dependent upon the person to tip or not but rather gathering together a bill for good administration or leaving 10% of the all out administration cost is valued.

Q. Would I be able to drink the water in Ethiopia?

Tap water isn't viewed as safe for visitors to drink. For ecological reasons, attempt to abstain from purchasing filtered water. Approach your pioneer and accommodation supplier for neighborhood counsel on where drinking water can be gotten to. Likewise, maintain a strategic distance from ice in beverages and strip organic product before eating.

Q. Are Credit Cards acknowledged generally in Ethiopia?

Credit cards are acknowledged distinctly by a couple of huge lodgings in Addis Ababa as cash is the fundamental method of installment in Ethiopia. Guarantee you have sufficient cash to cover buys not ready to be made on credit.

Q. How is ATM access in Ethiopia?

There are a couple of ATMs that acknowledge outside cards in Ethiopia, for the most part in Addis Ababa and other huge cities. Pulling back cash from ATMs can't really be depended on, so conveying remote currency (like US dollars) is suggested

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