What should I consider while opting For a Tanzania safari?

Tanzania safari tips

What should I consider while opting For a Tanzania safari?

A great travel guide doesn’t only include tips and tricks, it also helps the traveler to be equipped with information and to be a perfect decision-maker. Especially when you are planning for a Tanzania safari, you need to be well prepared with all the information. We tried to list out some important features that you might need to know to plan an ideal Tanzania Safari as well to make it more enjoyable and hassle-free. Here you can find the prime question’s answer for “how to plan a perfect safari”.

Where should I stay?

Tanzania Safari Accommodation

There are more than 900,000 visitors coming to Tanzania each year. Where travelers usually stay quite excited about the safari they seem to stay stressed regarding the accommodations. We used to receive a lot of time queries regarding “where to stay during safari”. Here is the answer to your how to choose the best accommodation;


During your Tanzania Safari tours, you can explore varied accommodation options and lodges are one of them. You can find two types of lodge accommodation; the mid-range and the luxury lodges. Lodges are bricked buildings that come with glass windows to take a view of the place.

The amenities depend upon your budget, however, mostly lodges come with basic luxury. You will get a comfortable bed, mattresses, modern style rest-rooms, etc. However, luxury lodges comes with many modern facilities. Most lodges are situated outside of the national parks, so you need some time to reach the park if choosing a lodge accommodation.   


 Another more widely opted accommodation option is the campsites. There are 2 types of campsites as well; public campsites and private campsites. While choosing the camp option you are open to 2 options too; mobile camps or budget camps, luxury camps or permanent camps.

The budget camps are dorm style camps that are spacious enough for one person and come with regular facilities needed for daily life. These are not permanent, camps are settled for overnight and it will be packed once you leave.

However, luxury camps are semi-permanent tented camps that are sealed with comfort. These are usually settled inside the national parks offering a great view of the place. You will get hot water, delicious food, comfortable bed, mattresses, and sometimes a fireplace and pool or sun-downers.    

Choose your best suitable option to enjoy a safari trip in Tanzania. 

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Safari

Safari vehicle

Go for a safari in Tanzania is the most suitable and convenient way. The right vehicle is essential for the safari trip to Tanzania’s national parks. Here are the vehicles you can choose from to go for a game drive.

Open vs closed-vehicle

The best destinations in Tanzania are accessible through safari vehicles. Safari Game Drive; if not the only way but the most adopted and best way to view animals during your Tanzania safari tours. You can opt for 2 types of vehicles, closed vehicles and open vehicles.

Closed vehicles are good for the bumpy and dusty roads of the national parks however the demerit is the closed vehicles are mostly not air-conditioned. So it can be really hot at times. However, open vehicles have open-air but for long roads, it can be uncomfortable as you will get through the dust. 

4x4 cruisers vs Van

Travelers going for Safari trips and game drives can opt for 4X4 Land Cruisers or safari vans. While land cruisers are expensive safari vans are comparatively cheaper. While 4X4 land cruisers are great for roads that are muddy and bumpy vans are great if you are going on smooth roads. However, 4X4 land cruiser is more suitable as it’s great on difficult trails as well as crossing small rivers on the way. But opting for vans can be relatively cheap.

Roles Of guides  

Roles of guides

A safari in Tanzania is incomplete without a guide. A guide’s role is truly important for discovering Tanzania Destinations at its best. Mostly your guides are drive guides, which means they are both your driver and guide at the same time. These guides are mostly local and have great knowledge about the roads, destinations of Tanzania, and exactly where you can watch your desired animals. Also, Tanzania Safari guides are very friendly and they will share useful information about Tanzania, its culture, people and more.  Choosing the best guides are is as much important as choosing the best destinations in Tanzania to visit during your trip.

Planning For a full day or a short Day trip

 Make sure whether you want to go for a full day trip or a half-day trip. There are many Best destinations in Tanzania, small yet flooding with natural beauties and wildlife. You can choose Arusha, Lake Manyara National Park, or places like this to enjoy the view and wilderness on a full or half-day trip. Let your guide know before so that he can take you to the highlighted points of your preferred Tanzania Destinations during your visit.

How can I Travel to various Destinations of Tanzania; the country offers various modes of transports to travel from one to another destination. You can go for Roadways, Railways or Airways to connect from one to another destination. The country has 86,472 km of roads that are well developed. You can travel via buses in Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Arusha, Kigoma, Dodoma, Mwanza, Mbeya and Mtwara which are the main cities of Tanzania.

As well you can go for railways. Railways of Tanzania reduce the pressure on roadways. There are 3,676km of total rail track length which is operating by the Tanzania Railway Limited (TRL) and the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA). The third mode of transport is Airway; the country has 2 major international airports; Kilimanjaro International Airport and Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam.

Tanzania also has various small airports as well there are many chartered flights operating to the national parks and small towns from Dodoma, Arisha, or Dar es Salaam. You can choose to fly, travel via road or rail tracks for reaching the national parks of the country. 

Also, while planning for a full-day or half-day safari, make sure to choose the Best Time to go on a safari in Tanzania as well to your preferred place. 

What is the Right Time for the Safari?

Right time for Safari

To be honest a safari in Tanzania is suitable throughout the year. However, it depends upon what you want to witness most during your Tanzania Safari trip.  So choosing the Best time to go on a safari in Tanzania can be a little tricky.

If you are in love with witnessing the big cats or high concentration of animals you should plan it on the dry season of the country. The dry months continue from mid-June to October. During this time most of the time the sky stays clear, there is less chance of rain-fall. Due to the less concentration of vegetation the animals mostly get out of their hidden places in search of water and food which makes them more visible in large groups. Hence, the dry season is the Best time to go on a safari in Tanzania if you are intended to meet more wildlife.

If you want to witness the best of the Great Migration, then between Dec to February will be the best time to go on a safari in Tanzania. As this is the calving season of the wildebeests and other antelopes. During the calving season, the predators get active as it is easy for them attacking the newborn babies of the antelopes.

For those who are in love with lush greenery, breath-taking scenic vistas, and colorful feathers they can plan their adventurous Tanzania Safari during the rainy season. The rainy season is also loved by the budget travelers as there are many discounts available during this season. Mostly rainy months are considered as the lowest season of the country. 

Additional Tips

Here are few Travel tips for our travelers to go for a safari in Tanzania and enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Safari Packing List  

Here is a list of packing your bag for your Tanzania Safari without making the bag too heavier;

  • One light jacket
  • One fleece
  • Three pair safari pants (one of them zip-off)
  • One pair of shorts.
  • One long-sleeve shirt (light, breathable)
  • Four short-sleeve shirts
  • One dress (for nice dinners)
  • A set of pajamas
  • Duffle bag
  • Camera
  • Plug adaptors
  • LED flashlight
  • 2 x extra AA batteries
  • Extra Memory cards
  • First-aid kit
  • Eyemask
  • Earplugs
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito Replant having at least 30% of DEET


Visa is recommended for all those who are flying from outside of Tanzania. Apart from a few countries, all most all the foreign nationalists need a visa to enter Tanzania. You can apply for an E-visa to enter Tanzania. There are 3 types of visa that allows you to enter Tanzania; tourist visa, single entry visa, multiple (Entry) visa, transit visa, and business visa. You will need the following documents for applying for a Tanzania Visa;

  • A passport that is valid for at least 6 months of your entering time in Tanzania
  • A duly filled visa application
  • 2 Passport size photographs

Once your visa application is applied you need to pay for the visa within 2 working days after the payment you will receive your confirmation. You can collect the visa after reaching the immigration of Tanzania Airport.

Foods & culinary

Food & culinary during Safari

While Tanzania Safari Tours drive crazy people throughout the world, but the other elements are not any less magical. Like the food of the country is equally iconic and it is a great part of their culture too. Here are delicious dishes that you must try during a safari trip in Tanzania.

Chipsi Mayai- The comfort of chips and eggs

Nyama Choma- grilled meat with a wonderful and smoky flavor

Ugali- Maize, flour, and water are ingredients in this popular dish

Ishigaki- skewered pieces of marinated meat cooked slowly over open coals

Zanzibar pizza- most interesting dish of Tanzania prepared with onions, peppers, meat, a raw egg and maybe a slice of cheese   

Immunization & health

Immunization & health

While visiting to Tanzania for a safari trip we highly recommend visitors to take health insurance so that in case they meet any health hazards it will be covered by the insurance. However, the country is safe to travel but prior to planning your visit for a Tanzania Safari; take a visit to your physician. There are no mandatory vaccinations to enter Tanzania but if you are traveling from any Yellow Fever endemic place then you need to produce a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

Also, make sure if you are taking any medication regularly keep enough doses of your medicine in your bag pack. It may not get available in Tanzania. The country is highly malaria-prone, so make sure to use mosquito replant and keep anti-malaria medicines with you.

Here are some tips and knowledge about Tanzania so that you can plan a perfect safari trip. A safari in Tanzania can be a dream comes true however you should be armored with perfect information and should know how to plan a safari. We have enlisted here the most desired information for how to choose the best during your Tanzania Safari and how to plan a perfect safari. For more quires, you can visit us @ https://tanganyikasafari.com/

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