Must –Take photography Equipment for beginners for capturing the beauty of Tanzania

essential photographic equipment

Must –Take photography Equipment for beginners for capturing the beauty of Tanzania

Purchasing photography equipment for the beginner’s point of view is a daunting task.  If you are new to this photography career, there are few key pieces of essential gear that you must have. If you are a beginner then you don’t need to buy all the photography equipment. But you should have some of the essential gears which will make your picture clarity better. Once you get your skill then you can buy all the expensive camera equipment one by one.

What are the essential gears items for photography?  , what should you buy, to get started on the right foot? One thing you should keep in mind that, every camera equipment doesn’t work for everyone. When you will gravitate towards more specialized –portraiture, landscapes, wildlife, or anything else- then you can buy most of the camera equipment.  Let’s discuss it:

Camera Tripod

Camera Tripod is frequently overlooked and undervalued photography equipment. Unfortunately, many photographers choose to buy the least expensive tripod that doesn’t work properly.  A tripod is as important as other photography equipment such as cameras and lens.  Only after that, you can easily get a perfect snap.

Camera Tripod

However, a tripod is not sufficient, you need a ball head so that you can adjust the position of the camera (Ballhead -is a metal or plastic apparatus placed on the top of the tripod that increases stability and provides faster rotation).

Remote Shutter Release

A remote shutter is a very useful and essential gear for photography. It helps to take a shot without physically touching the camera body. So, you can avoid camera shake and accidental blurring. It can be frequently used in conjunction with a tripod.

Remote shutter Release

A remote shutter release is the simplest way to control your camera remotely, and you can find both weird and wireless models. You can use this photography equipment without having any trouble because it’s lightweight, cheap, and easy to carry. So, if you have any requirements, then you can easily buy this item, from any store or online. Whether you purchase it online or offline, Make sure that you take the professional’s suggestion first. Then analyze its feature and buy it.

Primary Lens & Secondary lenses

It’s pretty common a question, that why would you prefer a lens while a lens comes with a camera? This question can stop you for a second because the camera has its inbuilt lens, so why we need another one? Different lenses can allow your skill to enhance in different circumstances. That depends upon you what you want to use and when? So, let’s discuss some brief about the Primary lens and secondary lens.

Camera lens

If you want a high-quality lens as a beginner in the lowest budget then, you should go for a prime lens. The prime lens can’t zoom. For photography beginners, we would suggest you Canon and Nikon, the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens, which is the most affordable of all lenses. You can consider it as the best piece of photography equipment for beginners. The secondary lens can enhance your picture clarity, only because it has a smooth zooming technique.  This can be divided into many types such as fisheye adaptors, Corrected wide-angle adaptors, Telephoto adaptors such as teleside converters, Close-up lenses etc. While purchasing a camera lens is such a hectic work to decide.  So, first, analyze your requirement then buy.

Lighting Equipment

Some of us don’t use external lighting for photography. Most of us need a flash at some times or other, for portraits or creative still-life photography. But we prefer not to use inbuilt flash on your camera body. Instead, spend a little bit on your lighting equipment and purchase an external flash unit.

It gives illumination when you’re taking a picture or filming in low-light conditions.  Flash can enhance the quality of a picture very.

Besides this, you can use these lights in different ways such as parties, concerts by giving them unique light effects lamps, strobe lighting and other gear to your projects. 


after everything purchased, you need to buy an essential thing to keep all your photography equipment in. These items are only useful only if you keep them carefully. Beginners can buy a large DSLR gadget bag online or offline. You should go for a bag which is durable and robust.

But in another case, if you want to carry your laptop along with the camera, then go for the DSLR and laptop backpacks.

Cleaning Kits-

 Dirt, moisture, and dust can get into camera bodies, lenses and accessories. In the worst-case, your expensive camera and lenses may suffer permanent damage. If you are neglecting your camera maintenance then you are doing the most expensive mistake. So, you need to know the exact way to clean the camera gear properly with a cleaning kit.

Photography involves a combination of education, experience, and talent but maintenance is as important as the other things. One of the most crucial tasks for a photographer is to keep the lenses in perfect condition and cleaning lenses should always be on top of your list.

Spare memory card-

For photography, it’s a better thing to have a backup storage Device than one SD card. Because, if a card ever gets corrupted, you can use the other one.  There’s nothing worse than being unable to shoot only because you are running out of the storage space. In the era of smart gadgets, you may not need a spare SD card but it will be better if you carry the extra one with you.

Some Quick Tips

If you want some pro tips for “how to use photography equipment” as a beginner, Then we are going to help you here.

Camera setup

How to choose a perfect camera?

Purchasing a professional camera is a tough decision. The amount you are going to spend on it can be expensive for you. The initial step towards selecting a camera depends upon the realistic budget. Then before purchasing you should know its types according to your requirement, such as:

•    DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex)

•    Point- and –shoot – Compact

•    Mirrorless

SO, according to this, the budget camera has its advantages based on the types. So there are certain things that you need to know before purchasing a camera:

•    Decide your budget for your camera

•    Consider how often you’ll use the camera

•    Select a DSLR to control the complete process of taking photos

•    Purchase a point-and-shoot camera if you’d like a cheap camera that’s easy to use.

•    Select mirror fewer cameras for portability and relatively high quality.

•    Select an analog camera if you’d like a cheap, high-quality option.

•    Select a specific brand and buy it.

We suggest you contact some photography professionals. Because as a beginner you need suggestions first, then purchase your dream camera.

How to choose the right lens as a beginner?

Using the right lens is the key part of the camera. A perfect lens can crucial for achieving the perfect shot. And maximizing the use of camera’s interchangeable lenses can turn your pictures from amateur to professional. So, you need to choose your lens wisely because every lens doesn’t work for everyone.

•    We understand that the right lens can change your entire photograph and enhance your skill as well, so here is the guide to buying the right lens.

•    Focus on focal length because which is the distance from the center of the lens to the sensor when the subject is in focus.  Remember: Lower the number, wider the shot, higher the number, longer the zoom. Check this before you buy it.

•    Aperture is the amount of how much light can enter your camera. It’s represented by the letter “f ”. Corresponding numbers, collectively known as an f-stop. Try to learn some information about it.

•    Learn about the primary camera and secondary camera because if you are serious about photography, it will surely help you.

•    Get some knowledge about the sensors, because it’s as essential as others. It helps to produce a clear and realistic picture or video. , This is of two types- CCD (Charged-Couple Device) and the CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor).  Analyze its type before you use it to get a better result.

Have research on lens such as Prime lens, Fish-eye lens, wide-angle lens, Telephoto lens, Macro lens, etc.

Best photo editing software

Do you ever think about a perfect photo? Photography software makes your photo clearer than before and gives some special touch to it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner in photography or pro, you need a perfect software for your perfect picture. This can help you to bring focus to an image, highlight your key subjects and transform an average picture into something truly incredible.

Wildlife photography

 Let’s know about some popular photo editing software:

•    Adobe Lightroom

•    Skylum Luminar

•    Adobe Photoshop

•    Capture one

•    On1 Photo RAW

•    Coel PaintShop pro

•    ACDsee Photo Studio Ultimate

•    Gimp

•    Canva

•    PicMonkey

•    Pixlr Editor

•    Snappa

•    PortraitsPro

•    Fotor

•    INkscape

•    DxO Optics Pro 10

•    Serif Affinity Photo

If you’re ready to get started your journey in the field of photography or want to try your skills in a wildlife photographic adventure, add some best quality photography equipment to your collection and try to travel to more places. So, you can develop your skills in photography. Hope this blog will help you to find your answers about basic photography equipment. Tanzania is filled with astonishing wildlife & mesmerizing landscape. Our Tanzania photographic Safari is designed to capture all these beautiful things in a more beautiful way. If you want to develop your skill then words are not enough – you should visit once. Log on to

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