7 incredible photographers and their photos that will inspire you to visit Tanzania

birds in Tanzania

7 incredible photographers and their photos that will inspire you to visit Tanzania

A photograph is the pause button of life. In today’s world, almost everything is living in a photograph. Exploring new places, new things, and new cultures, etc. always fascinate humans as we love to keep on changing. Hence, travel does magic to our senses. Also, while returning back travelers always try to bring a piece of memory from their visits. 

What can be better than a picture that can speak silently briefing the beauty of the place you travel? Sometimes these pictures inspire other fellow minded travelers to visit the place you have captured in your camera. 

While many corners of the earth are filled with natural beauty, Tanzania is the magic of all. There are millions of people dreaming about safari paradise. If you are also one of them or still confused about where to plan your next vacation here are some Famous Photographers photos to inspire your visit to Tanzania. If Wildlife Photography is your dream/passion then these photos of famous wildlife photographers will drive you crazy enough to book your tickets to Tanzania.   

 Here we present 7 incredible photographers and their photos to take your breath away;

Jennifer Guyton

Jennifer Guyton is a photographer and ecologist who with passion for wildlife and nature. She is a young explorer of National Geographic and her photos get published in BBC Wildlife Magazine, biographic Magazine, Ranger Rick, Biosphere and many others.

With the eye of the artist and story-teller, this talented girl has captured many unbelievable pictures. Out of these photographs, many have made her various photographic competitions including Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Nature's Best.

She has a master’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology from Princeton University. She has spent almost 10 years of life traveling and working on wildlife and conservation projects in Africa.

Her wildlife album is brimming with many stunning wildlife photos of Tanzania. Here are a few of them to inspire you.

a beautiful capture of Tanzania wildlife

coffee Plantation in Tanzania

Sandesh Kadur

Sandesh Kadur is a naturalist author, traveler, photographer, national geography explorer, cinematographer, nature photojournalist, and presenter of the International League of Conservation Photographers. The recent work that has made him more viral is his camerawork on BBC’s Planet Earth II series and Nat Geo Wild’s Earth Live.

This passionate wildlife photographer and documentary video maker have featured in many television networks. He is the director of Felis Creations which is based in India and dedicated to creating content that inspires conservation.

He has been nominated 2 times for Green Oscar at Wildscreen. He was also titled as the winner for North American Nature Photographers (NANPA) Vision Award, CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year, Nature’s Best award.

Theodore Mattas

This Greece based award-winning photographer also has some inspiring collection of wildlife that is enough to make you go crazy about Tanzania. His pictures just speak with you.

His captures have been published in many well-known nature magazines as well as featured in books and calendars. His field of interest is the wildlife paradise; Africa. He also arranges and runs yearly wildlife photo workshops in East and South Africa. The workshop welcomes both experienced and newbie for learning and sharing their knowledge.

Here are few iconic captures of this 44 years old wildlife photographer;  

a scenic landscape in Tanzania

A beautiful shot of Tarangire National park

Jost Jelovcan

Jost Jelovcan is a travel enthusiast who is in love with Tanzania. All the nature and wildlife lovers he comes across the advice them to take a visit to Tanzania. Exploring the beauty of the country with its untamed wildlife has been always fascinated Jost to take trips after trips with his camera’s shutter on.

His captures don’t only let him win various awards but also it inspires many to travel through the wilderness of Africa. His most favorite location in Tanzania is Arusha.

Gudkov Andrey

With a passion for clicking animal in-camera, Gudkov Andrey is a true wildlife lover. For the past 3 years, he has been focusing his camera on wildlife. As we know Tanzania is a paradise for Wildlife photographyit has inspired this award-winning photographer too. In the past 10 years, he is been visiting Kenya, Botswana, the Middle East, and Tanzania. 

This Russian photographer has won many awards like the festival of advertising photography 2006, festival Travel-photography 2009 and 2010 and finalist of many competitions. He is also the founder and leads a special naturalist project.

Here are some of the candid pictures of Tanzania from his capture; 

close shot of a crocodile

a lioness with the cub

A beautiful shot of a lion with the lioness

Eric Lafforgue

This France born photographers initially started his career in media & mobile applications. Onwards 2006, Eric started posting his photos on the Internet. Those images were so capturing that it very soon attracted the eyes of the magazine worldwide. Now he is working with various wildlife publications like National Geographic, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, Lonely Planet, Times, and Grands Reportages, etc.

He is an active member of Hans Lucas studio and participates in many exhibitions like;

  • Mount Hagen, Visa pour l’Image, Perpignan, France
  • Visages du Monde, Festival Moncoutant, France
  • Asian Urban Life Scene, Hong Kong
  • Asmara: Africa's Secret Modernist City, Royal Institute of British Architects, London, UK
  • (Im)possible to see: North Korea,  Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow, Russia.
  • Chine Visa pour l’éternité, Maison de la Chine, Paris, France
  • Hello my name is Paul Smith, Design Museum, London, UKPresse Scoop, Lille, France
  • Guerriers du Foot, Photon, Toulouse, France
  • Europe Galeria, Poland
  • Sleeping beauties, Fowler Museum, USA
  • Tribal portraits, Soho Loft, NYC, USA
  • Papua New Guinea, United Nations HQ, NYC, USA

The list is long to mention. However, he is truly fascinated by Tanzania’s nature and wildlife treasure. You can witness some of his stunning captures in Tanzania here;

shot of a maasai tribe community

Eric Lafforgue photography

Masai tribe photos

Andrew Morgan

Andrew Morgan, a young professional photographer who is so in love with Africa that he gets shifted to Cape Town. With a passion for capturing photos of traveling, hotels, wildlife, etc. he is dedicatedly working on this genre for 10 years. He regularly travels for shoots and his focused countries are East, West and Southern Africa as well as the Middle East. 

Out of much stunning work he did here we have collected some awe-inspiring images of Tanzania;

a beautiful shot of a lion in Serengeti

a still of bird catching an insect

a scenic view of Tanzanian plain

So, here we end our list with 7 Famous Photographers who are well known for their passion, enthusiasm, and dedication for photography. Well, to be honest, Wildlife Photography, in particular, needs a lot of patience, practice, and willingness. 

We are sure these photographs will inspire you to pack your bags for Best Photographic Safaris in Tanzania. It will surely unlock the world of wilderness to capture at your fingertips. 

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