15 Things To Know Before You Go On A Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Safari

15 Things To Know Before You Go On A Tanzania Safari

“Habari” everyone? How are you? Fine!!!

Do you have any plans for this vacation?

No, then how will be the idea of going for a Safari this summer? Fantastic, but now the question is, where to go?

Probably the maximum numbers of people choose between the Asian or South American continent as their holiday destination.

But here we will discuss one of the best preferred east African countries-Tanzania.

According to the latest news, Tanzania is ranked among the top 10 African Safari Destination. Tanzania is having the most awe-inspiring wonders of the world. It is also home to 450 species of wildlife and 1000 bird species.

Destinations like Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Mount Kilimanjaro make this country popular all around the world. It seems to be interesting. But there are several things that you should know before stepping out for Tanzania Safari.

So, here we will discuss about the best 15 things to know before you go to Tanzania Safari:

1. Wildlife Conservation Areas

Exploring wildlife is the key factor in Safari.

Wildlife Conservation Areas

So, Tanzania is having a pocket full of collection waiting for you to reveal. There are 16 wildlife conservation areas in Tanzania, with numerous wildlife and bird species.

These national parks of Tanzania are scattered into 3 vast circuits namely northern, western, & southern circuits. Among these, the northern circuit is the favorite place of travelers.

Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and Tarangire national parks are at northern Tanzania.

Whereas the southern circuit is having the Mikumi, Udzungwa, Selous and Ruaha National Park.

Let’s discuss the highlights of these 16 national conservation areas. So that you can have a better choice for Safari in Tanzania:

  • Serengeti National Park is popular for viewing the highest number of “Lions”.
  • If you want to see large herds of elephants then Tarangire National Park is the perfect destination.
  • Whereas the Selous Game Reserve is the oldest and largest conservation area in Africa.
  • Ruaha is the biggest national park in Tanzania, as well as the home of predators.
  • Ngorongoro Conservation Area is an appropriate place to spot the Big 5 animals of Africa.
  • The smallest yet stunning national park, which offers a beautiful view of the waterfall, is the Udzungwa National Park.
  • Encounter more than 700 species of migratory birds, and unique Tree climbing lions in Lake Manyara National Park.
  • Have the view of diverse wildlife, with the experience of canoeing safari at Rubondo National Park.
  • Arusha National Park is the home of mountains and various wildlife species.
  • Katavi National Park is the best place to see the large hippo pools filled with hundreds of hippos.
  • Meet the amazing and talented primates “Chimps” in Gombe National Park.
  • Discover the numerous species of butterflies and observe the life of chimpanzees at Mahale National Park.
  • If you want to explore beach fun with bushy adventure, then Saadani National Park is an appropriate place.
  • Trek to the roof of Africa with some of the epidemic wildlife species at Kilimanjaro National Park.
  • Glimpse the endangered black rhino and African wild dog in Mkomazi National Park.
  • Explore the garden of God with more than 45 species of flowers, Kitulo National Park.

2. Amazing Landscapes & Waterfalls

It’s not a matter of question, because you can encounter showers of landscape and waterfalls during Tanzania Safari.

Amazing Landscapes & Waterfalls

If you are seeking for waterfalls in Tanzania, then the best options are:

  • Cave Waterfall of Arusha
  • Materuni Waterfalls of Moshi
  • Meru Falls of Mount Meru
  • Kalambo Falls of Tanganyika
  • Marangu Waterfall of Kilimanjaro

Also, there are lots of options to encounter awe-inspiring landscapes. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • West Usambara Mountains, morning view.
  • Ngorongoro Crater's 600 feet deep crater.
  • Kitulo National Parks with amazing orchid garden.
  • Mount Kilimanjaro sunset view.
  • Endless grassy plains of Serengeti.

3. Language

Generally, there are two official languages of Tanzania, English as a global language and Swahili as their local language.


As 120 diverse and ethnic tribes exist in Tanzania, so 100 more languages are used by the locals to communicate within them. Some of the common languages among them are Datooga, Ngasa, Ogiek, Pare, Arabic, Digo, Hadza and Hehe.

We have mentioned below some of the Swahili words, using which you will look humble during your Tanzania Safari Tours:

  • Hi !  - Habari
  • How are you-   Habari Yako?
  • Welcome-  Karibu
  • Thank You-  Asante
  • Beautiful-   Mzuri
  • Good job -  Kazi nzuri

4. Currency

USD (US Dollars) and TZS (Tanzania Shilling) are two popularly used currencies of Tanzania Destinations. So, it will be better to carry sufficient USD in your bags, to have tax free transactions.

Tanzania Currency

Some other currencies used at Tanzania are:

  • East African Shilling
  • Zanzibar Rupee
  • East African Florin
  • East African Rupee
  • Zanzibar Ryal

5. VISA & Passport

Wherever you go around the world, visa and passports are the two essential documents that need to be carried.

VISA & Passport

Similar is Tanzania, but here you get an option to apply for the visa online (E-Visa Tanzania). Moreover, you can take your visa after reaching the destination, whereas the passport to be carried with you, with other necessary documents.


  • Please apply for a visa and passport from two months before the journey date.
  • Choose an appropriate safari tour operator like Tanganyika Ancient Routes to have a better experience of Safari in Tanzania.

6. Most Suitable Time/Weather

Tanzania is a year-round destination, which means you can visit this place throughout the year.

Most Suitable Time/Weather

Mostly it experiences Dry-season, short rainy-season and wet season. Different seasons bring a diverse scenario of flora and fauna. So you have to decide what you want to see.

  • Dry Season- June to October- Best to watch the animals gathering.
  • Wet Season- February to May- This is a budgeted season, so you can easily get hotels and lodges vacant.
  • Short Rainy-Season- November to January. Perfect view of the great migration.

7. Trekking Options

A bucket-full of options available for Mountain Trekking or Hiking during Safari in Tanzania.

Mountain Trekking

It is a land of mountains and river so you can view 5 mountains over here, named as:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro- Experience trekking over the roof of Africa, as well as view the sparse coffee vegetation.
  • Mount Meru- Feel the adventure of trekking over the 5th largest mountain of Africa.
  • Mount Ol Doinyo – Climb to see the active volcano of Africa closely.
  • Usambara Mountain- Hike over the greenery environment to have an amazing view of Tanzania’s local area.
  • Udzungwa Mountain- View the beautiful waterfall and wildlife while hiking.

If you want to explore these mountains, in a more adventurous way then plan your trip with Tanganyika Safaris.

8. Beaches & Island

Beaches and Islands are the prime sources of attraction in Tanzania.

 Beaches & Island

Travelers around the globe come for Tanzania Safari to enjoy the fun of the beach. It is also having several islands over the great Indian Ocean. The set of islands is called the Zanzibar Archipelago.

Some of the popular beaches of Tanzania are, Nungwi Beach, Kendwa, Mnemba, and Saadani National Park.

Here Nungwi is the cheapest beach whereas Saadani will give you an exclusive view of shores and forest.

9. Mode Of Approach To Various Tourist Destinations

Tanzania is one of the most developing countries. Moreover, it has shown a huge improvement over the past few years both politically & economically.

Mode Of Approach To Various Tourist Destinations

So, the mode of transportation in this area is too good. You can travel through air, water, and land to different Tanzania Destinations.

Public transports like buses, cars, railways, and boats are the major transportation modes used by travelers. The best thing is that public car transport is a bit cheaper and comfortable than others.

10. Tribes & Cultures

Out of the total population of Tanzania, nearly one-third of the people are following Christianity.

Tribes & Cultures

Whereas the other half f0llow Islamic and the rest of the people follow various other religions like Hinduism and Jainism.

Massai is one of the most popular tribes of Tanzania, lives at the Ngorongoro Serengeti & various national park region. They even adopt modern culture with old traditions, to communicate with outsiders.

During Tanzania Safari Tours you can go for a cultural visit to the Massai Village.

11. Tour Inclusions & Exclusions

Let’s discuss some of the things that are included and excluded in your Tanzania Safari.

Tour Inclusions & Exclusions

Things that will be included in your package are:

  • Welcoming you from the airport after reaching.
  • Transportation on Safari Cruise.
  • National Parks entrance fee.
  • Game viewing drives every day according to your package.
  • Bottled water, refreshments & meal during your safari.

Stuff that we are not providing are:

  • Extra activities out of the package
  • Premium Alcoholic drink
  • Tips of driver and guide
  • Tourist Visa.

12. Food & Cuisines

World’s best spice market is located at Tanzania, which you can visit during the spice tour.

Food & Cuisines

Coming to the topic of cuisines, Tanzania is having a large menu ready to be served on your plate.

Tanzanian cuisines are a mixture of Indian and Arabian food, with a touch of local spices. Indian cuisines are having rich spices and are the best combination of different ingredients together.

Some of the popular cuisines available at this place are pilau, ugali, biriyani, and chipsi mayai. Pilau is veg and biryani is the non-veg version of rice.

Trying the freshly prepared seafood from the local market during Tanzania Safari will bring water in your mouth.

13. Prohibitions

You have to strictly follow the rules and things that are prohibited during Tanzania Safari. So that you will have an unworried safari experience.

Mentioned below is the instruction of prohibition:

  • You are not allowed to smoke at public places as well as places full of wildlife and forest.
  • Don’t carry any plastic materials as it is a non-degradable waste.
  • Don’t throw waste out in the jungle at the time of safari.
  • Don’t litter inside the park area in any way.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol during the safari tours.

14. Festivals & Fairs

You can see festivals and fairs in Tanzania throughout the year. So whenever you go, its guarantee to encounter some occasion.

Festivals & Fairs

Some of the popular festivals that are celebrated at Tanzania are Sauti Za Busara, Serengeti Cultural Festival, Zanzibar International Film Festival, and Nyam Choma festival.

  • Sauti Za Busara is the festival of music and dance.
  • Serengeti Cultural Festival is celebrated by the rejoining of various cultures of Tanzania.
  • The famous film festival where you can encounter some of the great celebrities is the Zanzibar International Film Festival.
  • If you are foodie then welcome to Nyma Choma during Tanzania Safari Tours.

15. Safety & Precautions

Safari in Tanzania will offer you many unforgettable memories. But we have to follow some of the important safety and precaution to enjoy the trip comfortably.

Here are some important safety measures to be followed during Tanzania Safari:

  • Don’t share your personal details with strangers.
  • Avoid eating and drinking outside beverages.
  • Be with your tour guide while on safari.      
  • Take vaccination against malaria, hypotheses A and B, yellow fever and some other diseases before leaving your country.
  • Avoid interfering with the wildlife activities by offering food or any other way.
  • Carry money and your important documents in different bags.
  • Don’t come out of your hotels at night, in case you need something then contact your tour operators.
  • Wear a full sleeve shirt, high neck shoes and apply insect replant cream before going out for safari.
  • Keep your essentials & electronic gadgets at your own care.

The things we have mentioned above are gathered from the best research done by our team.

We hope that this information will help you in every field of Tanzania Safari so that you can enjoy a hassle-free trip.

If you are eager to plan and book your Safari in Tanzania now, then visit the site of Tanganyika Safari. As 1000’s of customers spend happy safari with us. We offer things beyond your expectations. Contact us so that we can arrange an appropriate trip for you.

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