10 Fascinating Facts About The Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

10 Fascinating Facts About The Ngorongoro Conservation Area

One of the most fascinating corners of the world with numerous wildlife supports is Ngorongoro Crater. The East African country Tanzania is home to this ancient natural wonder. It’s believed that this crater was once a mountain before 3 million years ago. But now this is the world’s biggest caldera, and thousands of travelers visit this every year.

The Ngorongoro conservation area is nearly 260 km long and has 600 meters in height. Leaving the animals this crater supports 40,000 human lives.

Massai Tribe of this place considers it as their home for 100 of years so you can encounter them during Tanzania Cultural Tours.

1. It is the largest unbroken Caldera on earth

Ngorongoro Crater

If you search for caldera then many options will be displayed on your screen. Most of them have formed into lakes but Ngorongoro Crater is the only caldera in the world that is unbroken and not a lake.

The Ngorongoro Crater of Tanzania is the biggest caldera of the world covering miles of area. The best thing is that after getting collapsed it formed into a beautiful area for animals.

2. Ngorongoro was once the Roof of Africa

If you check about the Ngorongoro Conservation Area then here you will know that it was once the tallest mountain of Africa.

According to history, the Ngorongoro was the tallest volcanic mountain of Africa, even taller than Kilimanjaro. Then one day it had a massive eruption and then suddenly it collapsed into itself.

After that, all the magma dried up and formed into the biggest caldera supporting life on earth.

3. You can spot the evidence of Human Ancestors

Ngorongoro Crater witnessed the earliest human of earth, and you can find the evidence about it from Oldupai George at Great Rift Valley.

Over 2 million years old footstep of Homo sapiens was discovered here by two great paleoanthropologists Mark Leakey and Louis.

4. This crater is actually filled with abundant Life

Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro is one of the Tanzania Destinations that supports the life of humans, wild animals, and nature together. Here you can spot several varied species of wildlife and birds.

Approximately 40,000 Maasai people and 25,000 animals live in this area. Moreover, you can also find some 250 species of birds near small water bodies of this caldera.

5. Ngorongoro is the best place in Africa to spot the African big five

As we have mentioned that Ngorongoro is a caldera, so it is having a big stadium like space. This place is enclosed from all sides with a maximum of 600 meters of mountains.

Moreover, it supports more than 25,000 big mammals, therefore it is the best place to spot the big 5 in Africa. Also without roaming around much, you can go for trekking.

6. You won’t find the national animal of Tanzania in Ngorongoro

It’s sad to say but true, that the national animal of Tanzania “Giraffe” cannot be spotted in this caldera.

The unique reason behind it is, Ngorongoro has steep surface and feet of giraffe are quite plain so they slip while climbing.

Though you can find the giraffe around the crater inside the conservation area.

7. It is one of the 7 wonders of Africa (Probably 8th wonder of the planet)

Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater supports numerous life and is not a broken caldera. Moreover, it formed into an awe-inspiring beauty of nature with a sparse greenery environment.

This crater is having the oldest human evidence as well as the big 5 of Africa inside its area. These things made this place as one of the wonders of Africa and probably the 8th wonder of the world.

8. Best chance to spot the Black Rhinos in Africa

Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is having a stipulated area, so all its corners are enclosed by huge mountains. Several rhinos are surviving in this area, breeding, and feeding.

So, this place is preferred as one of the best places to spot the endangered black rhinos. Moreover, it is a conservation area so all the wildlife is much safer in this place.

It’s for information that black rhinos are grey colored and having 2 horns on their faces.

9. It is the paradise for the predators

Ngorongoro Crater

25,000 or more animals are present in the circle of the Ngorongoro, out of which nearly 6,000 of them are predators. The rest of the wildlife present in this place are herbivores or can be called as prey.

As there are maximum numbers of prey, as well as great migration crosses from this area so maximum chances for the predators to get food.

This is the reason for which this place is considered as the heaven for predators. Some easily encountered animals of this place are Lion, cheetah, leopard, hyena and wild dog.

10. It is referred to as the “Garden Of Eden” in locals

Ngorongoro Crater

With the reference to the history of Ngorongoro, it’s being believed that million years ago Noah took all the animals from here.

If you can’t remember then let’s remind it again, Noah was a boatman who was informed and blessed by God to save this world. So the African Eve had helped him to load the various animals to Noah’s ship.

Moreover, there is evidence of human existence in Olduvai George, so it is known as the Garden of Eden.

Whatever we say about the Ngorongoro Conservation Area it’s less. We hope that these 10 fascinating facts will be one of the reasons for you to visit Ngorongoro.

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