African Safari

African Safari


The world is packed with amazing and colourful wildlife and there is no better way to experience it than an African safari. Africa is a huge continent and is home to the some of the stunning destinations of wild lives in the world.

The vast continent holds immense possibilities for exploring the wild the most. From tracking the Big five in Tanzania to the gorilla tracking in Uganda, the offers are many.

There are many steps to consider when planning your African safari - including deciding what you want to see, how you'd like to travel and how much time you're willing to spend.

Let us give you a brief look at a few of the different safari options, so that you can decide which one best suits your personal preferences.

Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is a land of breathtaking escape. The roar of a lion or the great wildebeest migration or the elephant strolling with its family or a leopard chasing its prey, a safari in Tanzania’s wilderness is thrilling and mesmerizing.

The wide range of accommodation from budget campsites, to world-class luxury camps offers a great fun to pamper your senses and gives you the most authentic experiences of the wild.

Kenya Safari

A Kenya safari offers the best that Africa has to offer. From the legendary Maasai Mara and intriguing cultures, to its pristine coastlines with the captivating sunsets of the tropical beaches, or the breathtaking migrations of the Wildebeest in the Mara, Kenya holds everything to amaze travellers of any group.

Uganda Safari

Uganda shows its wonder as soon as you land at the airport. The cold breeze blowing from Lake Victoria, the warm sun rays and the breath-taking encounter with the mountain gorillas in their habitat are the reasons to make Uganda worth a visit.

In simple terms, Uganda is the pearl of Africa, with the best of everything the continent has to offer.

Rwanda Safari

Rwanda is the land of rolling hills sheltering the highest population of endangered mountain gorillas. The wonderful natural scenery of Rwanda with chimpanzee trekking, golden monkey trekking and canopy walk are once in lifetime experiences.

Ethiopia Safari

The beauty of Ethiopia is incredible with incredible wildlife destinations, thrilling outdoor activities, historic wonder and the friendly people.

The travel-lovers’ can have amazingly unique opportunities to journey through the lands of Ethiopia quite unlike anywhere else in Africa.

Let us help you surpass your expectations and imagination of an African Safari.

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