Tanzania Wildlife Safari

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With a third of landmass dedicated to conservation, Tanzania is a shining success for the conservation of nature and protection of endangered species. With 20% of the continent’s mammal biomass, boasting hundreds of endemic species and sub-species and about 11,000 species of plants, many of which endemic) and more than 4 million wild animals; the country is a worthy receptacle of wildlife safari in diversity.

And the 16 national parks are the sanctuaries that give you an up close and personal experience of wildlife in their natural habitat where only the writ of nature rules. With so much to choose from you need experts to usher in the unique flavours of the wild. And you can get the best no non-sense sightings in Tanzania’s finest parks under the prolific guidance of our guides. Be it chalking out the itinerary or timings or choice of routes they will ensure the best for you. And the best part, you won’t be doing any of the driving or guiding yourself.

With so much diversity decking up the Tanzanian wildlife safari, versatile accommodation options help visitors experience the incredible variety of wild game found here. Be it the style and comfort of the premier luxury lodges or the naturally multifaceted classical safari experience of camping under the night sky for that primal sensory experience that’s tailored to give a safari experience of a lifetime.

And when it’s not bush walks on foot you will be foraging the vividly evocative in 4WD in the famed 4 of the Northern circuit- Tarangire, Serengeti,  Ngorongoro, and  Lake Manyara.

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