Tanzania Photographic Safaris

If pictures could speak a thousand words, then the picturesque landscapes and the ever-changing tableau of wildlife in Tanzania are each worth a thousand photographs. The spectacularly rich canvas has been an irresistible draw for photographers from across the globe.

Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned photographer, a brush with the visuals of Tanzania will do a world of good to your photography skills. Be it baobab studded landscape of Tarangire National Park with its fantastic wildlife or the sprawling wilderness of Serengeti with the great wildebeest migration, stunning kopjes and breathtaking array of fauna. You shouldn’t miss the geological wonders of Ngorongoro Conservation Area with its iconic caldera and 30,000 mammals. Ask your guide for the timings to get that elusive shot! Lock your lens on the Big 5, zoom in on the avifauna embellishing the horizons and capture the sublime sunrises and sunsets perched atop the vantage position of crater rim to a host of panoramic vistas.  Since your focus will be on the northern circuit splendours, the enigmatic Kilimanjaro with its many mysteries will keep the photographer in you busy and curious. There’s still Lake Manyara and Lake Natron with a fresh perspective waiting to be captured and you can’t but go crazy in the tropical paradise of Zanzibar and its exotic beaches.

Tanzania is a thriving cultural mosaic with many colourful tribes; each with their age-old rituals and traditions that need to preserved and documented. Would you not want to capture all of that? But wait! Always remember to ask for permission before taking pictures.

Equipment Essentials

A 100-400mm lens is ideal

For those with a high budget, a super telephoto (e.g. 500mm),teleconverter will really make a difference (consider renting one if you can’t afford it)

Get a flash and a flash extender

Use hoods on all your lenses

Consider a polarizer

Pieces of equipment can fail or malfunction. Make sure you have backup equipment

Bring dust protection for your equipment: trash bags, blanket, ziplock bags.