Tanzania Safari Packing List

“A safari is an experience a lifetime” is the often repeated refrain when describing a safari and deservedly so.  And getting the packing list right is halfway to ensuring a lifetime experience. But packing for your first safari can be a challenge. There is so much to plan and coordinate that you might leave out crucial items in your list. Don’t worry; we are here  to help on “what goes in your bag?”


Tanzania is close to the equator. The sun follows you in the day and night temperatures drop to chill you. Comfortable casual and practical should be your mantra while selecting clothes. Cargo pants and capris are a good bet for outdoor safari activities. Make sure they are lightweight and dry easily. Opt for neutral colors for safari as bright color can get the attention of animals. Do not wear camouflage clothes.

A choice of layered clothes is a good idea. Helps you deal with fluctuating temperatures. Pullover or windbreaker or jacket is essential. They are good for morning and night time game drives when it’s chilly. Long sleeved shirts and trousers are a practical choice. They protect you from the sun and keep the mosquitoes away

You need a backpack (waterproof and durable) that you can carry on your trips.  It’s not an appetising thought to be lugging your large bags everywhere. The backpack should contain most of the things that you might require on a safari.

A pair of sturdy boots, preferably waterproof (they will get dirty) is good for walking safaris. Comfortable sneakers can be used elsewhere

Weather tends to be hot in the daytime.  Floppy hats, sunglasses with glare reduction, sun block lotion with high SPF, Lip balm with SPF are necessary to protect you from sunburns and sunstrokes


Pack the usual things like soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner etc.

Bug spray/ insect repellent with DEET

Hand sanitizer,

Wet wipes: if you have to go to the toilet or clean anything during your safari.


Hard to talk about safari and not mention the camera. Pack extra batteries and zoom lens for the perfect shot. The smartphone is handy for notes, photographs. A safari without binoculars? Not done! Headlamp/flashlight -to help you navigate in darkness.

Basic first aid kit and prescription medicines

Anti-malarial medication;


Antihistamines for allergies and insect bites;

Cold and flu medication;

Anti-Diarrhea medication;


Antiseptic lotion;

ORS solution

A valid passport and visa and travel and health insurance is a must.