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Standing tall as the highest freestanding mountain in the world, the enigmatic Mt. Kilimanjaro and its snow-capped peak has been an object of unbridled fascination for many passionate trekkers. Known as “Everyman’s Everest” for roughly 50,000 climbing enthusiasts it attracts every year; Kili never fails to impress. Not just that; it’s almost everywhere- on beer, on chocolate, on postage stamps on currency etc.

A trek to the peak of Kilimanjaro is an exhilarating journey through five climatic zones, each presenting a unique challenge and compelling visuals.  But one this always certain, it’s never easy!

If you know Kilimanjaro, then you should also know the routes. Six routes, yes you heard it right!

As the only route with huts, the Marangu route is the oldest trekking route and also the busiest as the ascent and descent are on the same route. Economical but lacking sceneries the trek is tough if you have just five days.

Scenic with growing popularity Machame route is a tougher challenge than Marangu. Better check your fitness before you trek up on the spectacular trails. Your best chance for success is over a seven-day trek.

Relatively new the scenic Lemosho route has been creating ripples among the trekking enthusiasts for the better acclimatization profile and abundance of vistas. The steady climb and longer duration enhances the success rates.

Strapped of time and budget? Then take the Rongai Route. Scenic with the best chance of wildlife sightings the trail is increasing its fan base every year.

The shortest and the most gruelling of treks Umbwe route is best left for seasoned trekkers and adrenaline junkies.

The newest route with the highest success rates the Northern circuit route offers a 360degree view of the mountain for a memorable experience. The longer trails provide the best summiting opportunities but will strain your finances.

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