Tanzania Wildlife Safaris: Exploring An Exquisite Encounter With The Superb Wildlife Of Tanzania

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What do you know about Africa? For starters, it is a continent which is blessed with a great number of birds, wildlife, flora & cultural history. Each & every country in Africa is known for its diverse & unique ecosystem, tribes & natural beauty. It is home to the Amazon forest that is famous all over the world and has been mentioned in multiple Hollywood movies numerous times over several years. Furthermore, there are many other places that can be visited throughout Tanzania Wildlife Safaris such as Mount Kilimanjaro, dark chocolate & coffee plantations, wonderful beaches & many more.  

Hence, apart from that, there are numerous animals in Tanzania who are unique and are also very different from each other. Hence, here is a list of all those animals that will be spotted by you on your Tanzania Tours And Safari and are as follows:-     

♦ Wildebeests


1)    A country such as Tanzania is famous for wildebeests. This animal in Tanzania is the main attraction of all the safari tours.

2)    In order to spot this beast with significant others of its kind, tourists have to visit Serengeti National park.

♦ Lions


1)    Actually, it is quite a common place to spot lions as well as other rapacious animals in Tanzania wildlife parks while on Tanzania Safari Holidays.

2)    As a country, Tanzania is renowned all over the world to have healthy populations of lions, lionesses & cubs.

♦ Elephants


1)    There is more than what you can watch during Tanzania Wildlife Safaris & elephants are one of them.

2)    They are common sights in most parts of Tanzania & is also one of the big five members. In fact, each wildlife park & reserve has plenty of population of elephants.

♦ Giraffes


1)    A tour of wildlife in Tanzania is not complete without spotting Giraffes. It is an easier task whenever compared to all other animals because Tanzania is also known for keeping & conserving the largest populations of the giraffes in the world.

2)     It is a very cute & friendly animal with its long neck & brown spots. It is herbivore and hence, you can try your luck feeding this animal with your own hands.  

♦ Hippopotamus


1)    It is one of the dangerous members of the big five. In all the parks & river beds of Tanzania, it has huge populations which roam through the field throughout the year.  They don’t have any specific season of migration or calving.

2)    However, the best season to track & trace hippos is during the monsoon season.  As the rivers get filled with more & more water, you can watch them reeling in the water. You can take canoeing safaris as well as to see the hippos up close without troubling them.  

♦ Zebra


1)    While looking at this particular animal, you will be just wondering & thinking that no other animal in wild parks of Africa is so beautiful and you are absolutely right. Actually, this white & black stripe animal has for eternity been most favoured animal.

2)    Zebra is common in Tanzania just like the wild dogs. You cannot spot them in groups & herds but you can see them grazing in the lands for sure. While running in the fields, they really look very majestic.

♦ Antelopes


1)    Antelopes in Tanzania are known to survive in all kinds of ecosystems and it is one of the god gifts they have to safeguard themselves from the harsh conditions of the forest park.

2)    You can find them in fields, dry lands, marshlands grazing in the fields or fighting with their siblings or other members of their herd. If you are lucky, you can also watch them evading its predator by running at superhuman speeds.

♦ Black Rhino

Black Rhino

1)    It is majestic in nature but also became an endangered species because of continuous poaching taking place from some time. These animals are just seen in some protected areas of the park where entering the premises is strictly restricted or monitored.

2)    Tanzania is the only country with a capable ecosystem that supports black rhinos. Even in Tanzania, it is a rare sight because these huge animals are mostly shy by nature and love to evade crowds.    

♦ African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog

1)    It is a rare species of dogs that are found only in the forests of Tanzania and completely different from the stray dogs that you encounter on a daily basis.

2)    These species of dogs are the biggest as well as ferocious in nature. They are mostly spotted in Selous Game Reserve. 

♦ Monkey, Apes, Chimpanzee

Monkey, Apes, Chimpanzee

1)    The wildlife in Tanzania is best for supporting numerous types of apes, monkeys & chimps & other gibbons. It is said to have a very strong & vigorous population of monkeys & other such animals.

2)    They can be spotted during the tour very easily. In order to see them in plenty especially the chimpanzees, please visit the Gombe Stream National Park & Mahale national park. 

♦ Beautiful Birds

 Beautiful Birds

1)    If you have love for birds, then you must certainly visit Tanzania. It is home to numerous bird species like hornbill, trogon, tinker bird, flamingos, weaver, and secretary bird as well as flycatcher and many more.

2)     Furthermore, the best time to watch birds between the months of November until April. But anyway, you can spot the local birds all year round. 

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris will provide you with a huge & endless set of animals to watch & enjoy in Tanzania that is not found anywhere in the world. The ecosystem is such that most of the rare wildlife can flourish only in Tanzania & the rest of Africa. Please visit us @ tanganyikasafari.com to know more about wild animals if interested you can also book for the packages of your choice.

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