Best Time To Visit Tanzania

Tanzania is game all around the year

but before you embark do ask yourself, what are my interests and what regions of the country you expect to see. Once decided you can go about drafting your itinerary. As always, we are here to help you to achieve your plans. Take a look at our guide and decide for yourself


– This is the time when the landscape is saturated in green. The migratory birds are in full flight and the calving season is on in southern Serengeti. It’s low season in Tanzania so fewer crowds and fees are low


– Its wet season and rains abound. Kilimanjaro is wet and soggy animals have dispersed and beaches bear the brunt of showers rending them less accessible and appealing


– Dry season and Tanzania’s peak tourist season when everything is in its pristine glory. The parks are teeming with game, Kilimanjaro is best to trek on and the beaches conjure irresistible magic. Days are warm; skies are clear, and nights nippy.


– This is the short rainy season. Light random showers are not a problem besides the aiding to mosquito menace

November to March

– Best period for exploring the marine life and underwater landscapes. Snorkellers and divers stand the best chance of encountering whale sharks