Safari Staff

  • Driver/Guide: US $10 – US $25 per day per guide
  • Chef: US $10 – US $25 per day per chef (adventure camping safari only)
  • Tanganyika Ancient Routes staff should be tipped equally.

Mountain Staff

  • Head Guide: US $15 – US $30 per day per guide
  • Assistant Guide: US $10 – US $20 per day per guide
  • Cook: US $8 – US $12 per day per cook
  • Porter: US $4 – US $10 per day per porter


Mountain Staff

Tipping the guides is important.  Tip them generously irrespective of whether you make it to the top as they carry your load.  They are poor and use the income to support their family. Typically you should set aside 10-15% of the climbing costs for tips. If you are travelling as part of a small group be generous and set aside more per person as tips. You will be provided the names of the crew along with the tasks to be performed by them before you begin your hike. Kindly refer to the list as a ready reference while allocating tips. Generally, tips are distributed at the fag end at the last camp or hut on Kilimanjaro and Meru. You would do well to give each staff member their tips and in case you are part of a large contingent, you can distribute tips to staff in small batches one after the other.

Some porters are engaged in performing extra jobs like cleaning toilets, waiting or as part of a camp crew. We recommend tipping them more as they don’t have other modes of employment.

Tip amounts listed for safari and Kilimanjaro are per group, not per individual traveller. For instance, if four people are on safari, they should each contribute $5/day if they want to tip the driver.