In Swahili a safari is a journey. This is not just a journey to see wildlife, but a journey into the rich culture and traditions alive in Tanzania. As a young boy born and raised in the Ngorongoro Conservation area, I had the privilege of learning about my heritage with my grandfather. We are Conservators and have a duty to preserve nature. In order to do this responsibly, I am taking the initiative to offer adventures that are socially and environmentally responsible. If this appeals to your sense of one world/one community, then come and join me for an adventure beyond nature.
Tanganyika Ancient Routes offers a variety of experiences from traveling, to learning and serving. Our promise is to make sure you are 100% satisfied and that you feel at home when you are in our care. Join me in exploring my country, my heritage, my pride.


When you first set foot on Africa’s shore, you will see beauty like you have never seen before. Listen to the hyena laugh and the lion roar. Awaken emotions inside which enrich your life experience. To hear the hippo snort, the fish eagle cry, the zebra’s ringing call and the sigh of the wind will free your spirit. From the mountains to the ocean, Africa is the place to be. Allow the winds to cleanse your soul and the sights and sounds transport you to a place you have only dreamed about

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Charles Mpanda

Owner and Founder

Tanganyika Ancient Routes Ltd is owned and managed by Mr. Charles Mpanda, a native Tanzanian. Charles is a graduate and has a degree in Wildlife Management. He has spent over 20 years catering to clients in every corner of Tanzania and beyond.

Charles has traveled to many countries around the world and has experienced cultures beyond just Africa. He is sensitive to the needs of all clients and will make sure that his team cares for you, the same way he does.

What our Canadian representative has to say...why Tanganyika Ancient Routes?

“Everyone comes to Africa to see the big five. With Tanganyika Ancient Routes we offer you this and so much more. Tanzania is not just about the wildlife but about the people who preserve nature for our future generations. Any safari company can take you to see lions, buffalo, rhino, elephant and leopard. Join Charles Mpanda and his colleagues for a rich and satisfying tour beyond nature.”

Shelley Rattink loves to travel and has visited Tanzania where she fell in love with the natural beauty of the country and its welcoming people. Please contact Shelley in Canada for information about tours and safaris with Tanganyika Ancient Routes.